Nine Danish artists create works for First There Is A Mountain.

Look forward to magnificent sculptures, poetic installations, in-depth research, sensuous videos and breathtaking performances.

Birgti Johnsen & Hanne Nielsen

Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen

The artist duo Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen are pioneers of Danish video art. They focus sharply on the political dimensions of sand as a natural resource and in coastal protection. The duo creates a work in two parts: a 40 meter installation on the beach and a video work in Blåvandshuk Lighthouse. 

Kirstine Roepstorff

At Denmark's most westerly point, where the waves hit the tip of Blåvandshuk, Kirstine Roepstorff exhibits a sculpture inspired by the Fresnel lens in Blåvandshuk Lighthouse. On a microscopic and macroscopic level, the sculpture connects us with the sand, the surroundings and the universe. 

Kirstine Roepstorff

Kasper Hesselbjerg

Kasper Hesselbjerg is known for his edible sculptures. For the exhibition, he invites curious guests to participate in a meditative, sensuous and thought-provoking dining situation with sand on the menu! The performance is created together with the gourmet restaurant Høfden 4, Hvidbjerg Strand. 

Kasper Hesselbjerg

Kåre Frang

In a subtle move, Kåre Frang juxtaposes the local area's recent past with an imminent, dystopian future in a large work on Blåvandshuk Beach. Here, toys and motifs that we know from childhood become objects that point to the fact that the world we know today will not last. 

8 Portrait Of Molly Haslund Photographer Jenny Sundby JPEG

Molly Haslund

On Blåvandshuk Beach, Molly Haslunds puts on a monumental performance in collaboration with local performers - and by guests who feel like following in the artists' footsteps and walking towards eternity. Molly Haslund will perform her work for the opening of First There Is A Mountain on August 31. During September she will be performing every Sunday.

Rasmus Myrup

Before the North Sea, there was Doggerland. Rasmus Myrup's artwork for Blåvandshuk Beach is inspired by the history of the place and the secrets of the sand. It refers to the time when Europe and England were landlocked. The work is constructed in materials that, like time and sand, pass away and re-emerge. 

Rasmus Myrup Photo By Vincenzo Dambrosio 2
Rikke Luther

Rikke Luther

In a scenographic installation on Blåvandshuk Beach, artist and researcher Rikke Luther look at sand as an element in nature's ecosystem. The work introduces us to the landscape, geographical, chemical and biological changes that occur when sand and mud are removed or added to land or water. 


Spacegirls' contribution to the exhibition is a monumental architectural sculpture made of bioconcrete, which embeds place and material in each other. During the exhibition period, the work becomes a laboratory that visitors can activate in their own way or in connection with the exhibition's workshops. 

Spacegirls (1)

Tue Greenfort

Tue Greenfort's magnificent scenography activated our body and all senses in a large work on Blåvandshuk Beach. The installation is created from sand and seashells and integrates into the natural cycle of the site as part of the local ecosystem. 

Portrait Greenfort.Feb.2020

Blåvand's own artists 

As part of Wadden Tide 2023, Blåvand city is bursting with art throughout the month of September 2023. A number of resident artists exhibit around the city, open up their studios, etc.

Agnete Brinch

With her art projects, Agnete Brinch has achieved national and international recognition at several major and solo exhibitions in Denmark and abroad, including at Frederiksborg Castle, Karen Blixen Museum, Esbjerg Art Museum and Art Association GL STRAND.

Her atalier and gallery is located in Blåvand. 

Agnete Brinch Foto Af Morten Fog
Peter Marius Wadden Tide Local

Peter Marius Truelsen

Peter Marius Truelsen has been an active artist since 1994. He has exhibited in both Denmark and Spain, where he has had his own gallery for 8 years. 

Lene Søndergaard

Lene Søndergaard can be described as a creative multi-artist with a practice in Blåvand. She previously had her own gallery in Sunds near Herning and exhibited in Denmark and abroad. Today she works in her studio with abstract, non-figurative works in mixed media. Lene Søndergaard's artistic work stems from her holistic world with nature and the people she meets as the biggest sources of inspiration.


In connection with Wadden Tide, Lene Søndergaard is exhibiting a series of paintings and collages on cardboard. The works are exhibited and for sale at Home Ejendomsmægler, Blåvandvej 39B, as well as in Lene Søndergaard's own studio at Tane Hedevej 24, which is open on the dates below or by appointment on tel. 40612025.

Wednesday 6 September at 13:00-17:00 
Thursday 7 September at 13:00-17:00

Wednesday 13 September at 13:00-17:00
Thursday 14 September at 13:00-17:00

Wednesday 20 September at 13:00-17:00
Thursday 21 September at 13:00-17:00

Wednesday 27 September at 13:00-17:00
Thursday 28 September at 13:00-17:00

Lene–Søndergaard Wadden Tide Local
Karen Hestbech Wadden Tide Local

Karen Hestbech

The Blåvand painter Karen Hestbech finds inspiration in Blåvand's nature. She paints both naturalistic and abstract painting with motifs of, among other things, animals, people, wild flowers and poppies.