Rikke Luther

Rikke Luther looks at sand as an element in nature's ecosystem and as a resource in human production systems. Her large-scale installation on Blåvandshuk Beach introduces us to the landscape, geographical, chemical and biological changes that occur when sand and mud are removed or added to land or water. 


As an artist and researcher, Rikke Luther investigates new interrelationships created by environmental crises when they relate to the Earth System. The relationships are linked to landscape, language, politics, finance, law, biology and economics, expressed in drawings, photography and film. In 2021, Rikke Luther defended her PhD Concrete Aesthetics: From Universal Rights to Financial Post-Democracy. She currently performs field studies for the research project More Mud, which is part of her post.doc. research The Ocean-Lands: Mud Within the Earth System, which she develops in collaboration with the Research Center on Ocean, Climate, and Society (ROCS), University of Copenhagen. 

Visual artist and Ph.D. Rikke Luther (1970) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1998). She lives and works in Copenhagen. 

Rikke Luther's work has been presented at international art festivals, e.g. in Venice, Singapore, Echigo-Tsumari and Sao Paul oo at internationally recognized museums, e.g. Moderna Museum in Stockholm, The New Museum in New York and Museo Tamayo in Mexico City as well as at film festivals, e.g. CPH:DOX and Perth International Film Festival.