First There Is A Mountain is the title of the art exhibition Wadden Tide 2023. The exhibition opens on August 31 at Blåvandshuk Strand in the Wadden Sea National Park in Denmark. 

The theme of this year Wadden Tide is sand. Nine artists explore sand as material, history and resource in sculptures, installations and performances created specifically for the exhibition located in a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site.

The participating artists are Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen, Kåre Frang, Kasper Hesselbjerg, Kirstine Roepstorff, Molly Haslund, Rasmus Myrup, Rikke Luther, Spacegirls and Tue Greenfort. 

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Watch the video about Wadden Tide 2023 (BEFORE THE STORM)


An exhibition about sand 

The exhibition title First There is a Mountain draws attention to the fact that everything around us is always changing. In three themes, First There is a Mountain focuses on the importance of sand for us humans - locally for the culture and nature of the Wadden Sea, historically and in the future, and globally as a dwindling natural resource. 

"First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is."

- Quote by Qingyuan Weixin, 9th century

Artists 2023 

Look forward to magnificent sculptures, poetic installations, in-depth research, sensuous videos and breathtaking performances on Blåvandshuk Beach, when the nine artists approach the theme from new angles. 

Kirstine Roepstorff, 2022, Courtesy Af Kunstneren Og Kunsthal Aarhus. Foto Af Jacob Friis Holm Nielsen
Kirstine Roepstorff, G[r]RAIN, 2022. Photo: Jacob Friis Holm Nielsen

31.08 – 1.10 2023

First There is a Mountain opens on 31 August at Blåvandshuk Beach. Everyone is welcome. The opening will also be the premiere for a performance by Molly Haslund. 

During the exhibition period, First There is a Mountain offers experiences for all ages. Look forward to experiencing - and re-experiencing - sand in new ways. 

First There Is A Mountain is the fourth Wadden Tide exhibition. 
Wadden Tide 2023, the exhibition will be curated by Empathic Environments by Stenka Hellfach and Tyra Dokkedahl. 

The exhibition has been radically altered due to flooding, but parts of it can still be experienced

The program can be seen under Program